3 “Power Tools” to Beat Cancer & Power Up Your Immune System

Today medicine recognizes that a strong immune system is the best opponent to fight cancer. Knowing how to “power up” the immune system can increase vitality, noticeably improve your quality of life, and even save your life.

Although nutrition, diet, supplements, and many alternative approaches are important for maintaining good health while fighting illness and disease; in many cases, these alone are usually not enough to prevent cancer, or win the “battle” against cancer. https://www.energysavinggenie.co.uk/

What is needed are “power tools” that:

Provide “noticeable” results
Complement and enhance other therapies, or treatments
Offer immune boosting alternatives which are safer than surgery, drugs, radiation, & chemo which weaken, inhibit and destroy the immune system
Provide positive results with no negative side effects
Provide preventative and strengthening results
Supports harmonious total body functions
Based on these, the following three therapies are identified as “power tools” for fighting cancer and most other degenerative illnesses and diseases:

Photon Geni Electromedicine
pH Balanced Water (strong alkaline)
Infrared Heat

Power Tool # 1 – Photon Geni Electromedicine
The Photon Geni is an electromedicine instrument which represents the culmination of over 50 years of research and development by Ed Skilling, the world leader in this field of medicine.

The Photon Geni electromedicine instrument provides power to the cells of the body which supports healthy cell functions.

It charges and balances cellular energy throughout the entire body, moves and balances all the fluids of the body (especially the lymph system), re-flows the nerve paths of the body and promotes natural regeneration, and naturally strengthens all the systems of the body, most importantly, the immune system.

It is used for all degenerative conditions including reducing the side affects of all other conventional treatments like surgery and drugs.

It is recommended for digestion, elimination, infections, injuries, stress and cellular regeneration and relaxation. It is safe and easy to use without negative side effects. It is possible to use the Photon Geni while sleeping to gain the most benefit because more use is better for empowering the cells, tissues, organs and systems of the body including the immune system.

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